6 Green Flags That (Potential) Freelance Client is Awesome

Angela Tague
4 min readJun 29, 2023

Too often we share horror stories of freelancing. You can’t scroll your fav social media feed without hearing about a rogue editor, unpaid invoice or ghosting contact.

Being in business comes with challenges — and red flag moments!

Thankfully, there are an equal number of green flags out there to also expect, seek and celebrate. As you navigate the world of working on contract, remember there are amazing partnership possibilities and the following list of green flags aren’t a dream. They’re real. Don’t settle for less.

Green Flag #1: Organized freelance partnerships have processes in place.

The best freelance partnerships have structure from the very first moment. This includes an onboarding process to set up the relationship, introduce the project and establish all parameters of what’s expected from both parties. It truly sets the foundation of the collaboration.

Additional processes that are outlined in a freelance partnership include the workflow, payment cycles, and if you’re a writer, the creation, editing and publishing process.

Green Flag #2: Amazing clients share detailed assignment summaries.

Writer friends, the best green flag clients won’t leave you guessing when it comes to creating content. They will clearly explain what they expect from you in an assignment summary or brief. This document may be a few paragraphs, or pages, depending on the type of project you’re doing.

Sometimes this includes an outline, keywords, notes from meetings, information from research, sources for you to consider, links to videos to watch or any other pertinent information that will help you complete the project. Your client should want you to have all the tools possible to do the best work you can, and all of that should be present at the onset of the project.

Green Flag #3: The best partners talk openly about budgets, fees and payment processes.

For whatever reason, money is usually a tough topic for most people to initiate. However, the best clients will make…



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