A Sign It’s Time to Spring Clean My Blog and Make Website Updates

Angela Tague
4 min readApr 20, 2022

I spent the last half hour looking for a blog post — that I wrote — on MY website. I know the topic and angle, but for the life of me, none of the keywords that are popping into my head are locating the piece.

I’m frustrated.

It’s time to do some spring cleaning around here. This will include updating keywords in old posts, removing outdated information, adding new resources and links where it makes sense and updating old CTAs.

The blog post I’m looking for is about people who see your posts on social media, but never stop to like, comment or share the post. However, they are keeping tabs on you and may even reach out to learn more in the future after diligently, quietly consuming (but not interacting) with your content.

What would you call them?

Lurkers? Watchers? Ghosts? Yeah, I’ve searched all of those terms and still can’t find the blog post I wrote about this. After I get this draft done, I will continue on my crusade and FIND that post. I know it exists among the 276 blog posts on the Web Writing Advice blog.

Let’s Chat About Website Maintenance

Along with an annual spring cleaning comes routine website updates and maintenance.

Every few days I update my project availability listed on the home page. Each week I update plugins and broken links. On the first Thursday of each month I publish a new blog post.

Are you scheduling regular, ongoing time to update and refresh your site? Or did you build it and let it sit? Is it aging well? You might want to ask yourself:

  • Has my contact information changed, including email, social handles or phone numbers?
  • Have my services or products changed? Do I need to remove some? Add some?
  • Do I need to add updated samples of what I do or sell? Are they still relevant to the work I do?
  • Do my calls to action (CTAs) still lead readers where I want them to go?
  • Are my ads, affiliate partnerships and marketing integrations in alignment with my current goals?
Angela Tague

Angela Tague writes marketing content for businesses and feature articles for magazines. Learn more at WebWritingAdvice.com.