How Not to Reply to a Pitch Request (And Tips to Do Better!)

Angela Tague
4 min readMar 23, 2023

I just spent the last ten minutes musing over some beautiful reflections.

A loving father talked at length about his memories of teaching his young daughter how to drive, including all the cringy trials and tribulations.

I also read sentiments from a woman who reflected on her father’s passing, a true car lover as evident by the list of antique makes and models she rattled off in her mini-essay.

The tales were warm and heartfelt, but not exactly right for the response to a pitch request made by a busy content marketer. These pitches were:

  • Too long
  • Too personal
  • Not focused on the client
  • Didn’t follow the pitching guidelines

What is a Content Marketing Article Pitch?

Hear me out: I love a good reflection piece filled with bright detail and relatable anecdotes. They have their place on the page/screen/journal. But, when it comes to pitching, keep those warm gooey moments to a sentence or two, not a full-screen email.


A pitch request is a call for an article idea or topic. Some ask for a brief outline. Others request a succinct paragraph.

And all pitches should directly showcase what the marketer was asking for from the writer. This might include how the topic ties back to the brand or a specific campaign, why the angle matters to their audience (not you) and how a new product or service mention can be woven into the text.

All About The Perfect Pitch

As a writer working in content marketing, I manage pitch requests, and replies, on a weekly basis. It’s also a popular topic I tackle for my marketing clients and on the Web Writing Advice blog, so I write about it often.

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