How to Write a Freelance Job Posting (Tips from a Freelance Writer)

Angela Tague
5 min readMar 28, 2024

In the summer of 2024, I’ll celebrate fifteen years as a full-time small business owner. And before that, while I worked for an employer, I freelanced on weekends. This means I’ve read and responded to thousands of freelance job postings and ads since 1998 to fuel my bottom line.

When it comes to job ad content, I know what’s typical in this space.

Last fall business dropped off for me. The precarious combination of holiday season office closures, the introduction of AI as a writing tool and recession budgeting by marketing departments meant fewer projects were coming my way,

So, I browsed freelance job postings, ads and job boards daily.

Wow, it’s the Wild West out there. While some of the descriptions were comprehensive and helpful, others were sloppy, contradicting and lacked the details that a freelance writer needs to know before applying.

Today I’m sharing what I feel a quality freelance job posting includes.

What to Put in a Freelance Writing Job Ad

If your company plans to bring on freelancer writers to help produce content, consider using this list as a guide before posting on the job boards, social media and your company website.



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